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Отделение творческого развития (английский язык для детей 6-ти лет)

Педагоги отделения творческого развития ДШИ №6 подготовили подборку материалов по английскому языку, которая поможет малышам с помощью их родителей эффективнее усвоить изучаемую на уроках лексику.


(для детей 6 лет)


The cow says Moo – moo,

 I have some milk for you.


 Little, little, little bee,

 Bring some honey for my tea.


 My cat lives in the house,

 My cat can catch a mouse.


My dog can bark and play in the park.


The elephant is strong and big.

 It can lift a heavy stick.


 Red, yellow, pink and white.

 Let’s play ball and night.


 Now we all are very sorry, we put Pussy in the lorry.

 Pussy did not like the ride. Oh. The lorry is on the side.


I’m a baby tiger. My coat is smooth and nice. It is of orange colour

With pretty narrow stripes.


 Many insects in the field you can see them.

 Keep eyes peeled.


The little baby kangaroo has the bed in the zoo.


Monkey can climb up a tree, I climb higher, look at me.


This old and noisy owl has angry, loud howl.


 I ride a little pony. I do not use any force.

 My pony is not happy, it wants to be a horse.


I have a pet, it is a rat, it likes to hide under my mat.


The wolf is angry, it is grey. It is hungry every day.


The funny frog can jump and hop.

 Who can say if it can stop?




The giraffe’s neck is very long,

 Its eyes are pretty, legs are strong.


The hare is fluffy, the hare is good,

 It is very little, it lives in the wood.


This is a nest for bird. This is a hive for bee.

This is a hole for rabbit. This is a house for me.



A happy New Year for me,

A happy New Year for you,

A happy New Year for everyone,

That is I wish - I do.


Fly, little bird, fly,

Fly into the blue sky,

1, 2,3you are free.


My cat is black, my cat is fat.

I like my cat, it is my pet.


Cock is happy, fox is sad,

Cat is pretty, wolf is bad.




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